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Soroco is an international company located in Boston and founded in 2014. The company is on a mission to discover how the world works to help their teams.

Soroco's Scout For Process Discovery:
Soroco scout is a process discovery work graph platform that powers digital transformation and gives organizations a clear structured analysis of the work happening at the ground level and identifies the benefits from the applying portfolio of change level, delivering targeted change progress at scale.
The work graph unifies the categories like process mining, user training, business process management, task mining and robotic process automation to provide a single source of truth.

In the work graph the teams can use the graph to identify and resolve friction at work, such as technology, impediments, poor process design, and opportunities for learning among others.

It helps in quickly identifying where to begin your digital transformation with scout task discovery.

  1. Uncover patterns of activities across all your team members with granular details while protecting.
  2. Scout doesn't require any manual efforts by small and medium enterprises.
  3. Automatically it identifies the hotspots of opportunity with your team's work across all desktop and web applications, emails and documents and reorganize hotspots in the ease that make intuitive sense for your business.
  4. Building a complete picture by mapping your team's efforts to end to end process with scout process discovery.

Here's how Soroco Works For Enterprise Automation:

Data Agent

Data Agent is a downloadable component of Scout. It comprises of a Teach Scout widget that enables you to teach Scout your daily activities.

Task Discovery

Task Discovery clusters similar repetitive tasks, with insights into the various manual work patterns, toil, and an indicative estimate of the toil reduction.

Process Discovery

Process Discovery is where you can define the processes within your team, have Scout learn the same processes, validate the discovery of similar processes and process variations.

Work Insights

Work Insights allows teams to do an automated root cause analysis of holistic process performance, credibly find 15%+ toil reduction across 5+ levers and prioritize these levers into a program with clear benefit targets.

Document Insights

Discover and realize up to 20% hidden toil reduction potential within document heavy tasks or processes.


Studio helps design "rule-based" documentation for a business process. Reduce manual effort when creating documents like Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document.


Scout Open Data Architecture (SODA) defines a standard, simplified and normalized data model for Scout data. Scout's core algorithm consumes raw Scout data, adds value to it and produces the output into SODA.