About Us

Bumi was born out of the inspiration to make the contract management process much easier and reduce the time required to manage contracts. The AI-powered contract reader has been created and is continuously being enhanced by legal and software professionals that are passionate about digital transformation. Bumi gets its name from the Earth King of the animated television series “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. Bumi is owned by HighIQ Robotics Inc, a leading provider of Digital Workforce as a Service (DWaaS).

About HighIQ Robotics Inc

HighIQ is a pioneer of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Digital Workforce as a Service (DWaaS), role-based intelligent automation solutions for complex business processes that are customizable, pre-built, and ready to deploy. The company’s vision is to equip every employee with their own IQ Worker (or digital assistant) to help human workers offload monotonous, tedious tasks and spend more time on higher cognitive activities. Discovering and implementing intelligent automation solutions with HighIQ, helps you reduce costs, increase productivity, improve compliance, uplift employee experience, and foster innovation across your entire organization, without disrupting existing systems.

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