Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

End-to-end, touch-free invoice processing for any ERP

  • Capture supplier invoices via e-mail, web portal or FTP landing site
  • Eliminate data entry with multi-pronged data extraction
  • Reduce downstream errors with automated validations
  • Match invoices to purchase orders or shipping receipts
  • Easily configure workflow rules to meet any need
  • Instantly see the status of invoices in our real time hub
  • Achieve touch-free posting of invoices to any ERP
  • Gain the peace of mind that comes with the AWS platform

“HighIQ helped us achieve success with pilot automations proving that RPA technology can provide business value with task-related automation. More importantly, HighIQ showed us that our vision of increasing that business value proposition with full end-to-end process automation was not only possible but could be accelerated with its Digital Worker model.”

Accounts payable automation Use Case explained

The accounts payable processes were manual and tedious, resulting in the following pain points:

  • Over 50% of the invoices were received through email, requiring constant monitoring, identification, and querying of vendor emails.
  • Manual pre-processing of the invoices and vendor follow-ups took up to 70% of the employee’s time, resulting in a high number of manual errors.
  • The existing OCR engine only provided 40% Straight-Through-Processing (STP) with over 20% error rate.

HighIQ’s solution, Oscar, provided end-to-end intelligent automation of the accounts payable process in the cloud including:

  • Monitoring and managing invoices delivered via email
  • Pre-processing of invoice data without errors
  • Automatic extraction of invoice data
  • Multi-step validation and approval workflows
  • Integration with the ERP system to process the invoices

Oscar enabled the automation of manual processes, helping the customer realize the return on investment (ROI) quickly and provided the following benefits:

  • Reduce your invoice processing costs by 52%
  • Automate GL coding and invoice matching
  • Achieve 90% touch-free posting to your ERP
  • Get smart operational insights at your fingertips
  • Be up and running within days for a fast ROI
  • Streamline your global operations with a single platform

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Lower Operational Costs

Reduce cost per invoice up to 52%, avoid late payments, and gain eligibility for early discounts.

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Increase in Operational Efficiency

Achieve up to 90% straight-through processing (STP) and process more than 10x volume of invoices.

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Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Deploy automation without disrupting existing systems and realize its ROI within days.

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Improved Control & Compliance

Get higher visibility on performance insights and audit each step whenever required.

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