intelligent contract reader

HighIQ’s flagship automation solution, Bumi, can go through thousands of contracts within minutes and arm you with accurate analysis and actionable insights. Use Bumi to accelerate critical decision making in your organisation.

Manual contract review is slow, inaccurate, expensive

Why Bumi?

Because your AI-powered digital assistant is dependable, available 24/7, and doesn’t need coffee breaks!

Accelerated Time to Value
  • Can be in production within days instead of months
  • You don’t need to overhaul existing infrastructure in order to deploy
  • Integrates seamlessly with most applications
  • Needs minimal support from IT to get set up and running
Easy to Customize
  • Can be customized easily to suit all needs
  • Trained to cater to a specific department, domain, industry, or type of contract
  • Can be leveraged across the entire organization to meet different business needs
Powerful Extensibility
  • Core functionality can be extended to meet your unique business process requirements such as setting up:

    • Multiple approval workflows
    • Preset contract verifications
    • Reminders and notifications
    • And more!

Available 24/7
Speed to value
Reduce Operating Costs (OPEX)
Data-Driven Decisions
Countless Hours Wasted
Slower Processing
Prone to Manual Errors

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Unlock your scale with Bumi’s powerful features

User-Friendly Interface

Bumi has a clean and intuitive interface that is designed specifically for business users without the need to deal with overwhelming technical code.

Customized Keywords

Bumi allows you to either choose from a pre-determined set of keywords or add your own keywords and synonyms to expand your search.

Many Contract Types

Bumi can read 30+ contract types and can be easily trained to learn those contract types that are specific to your domain or business.

Contextual Analysis

Bumi has the ability to segment, extract contract, and classify information at the sectional level, giving users more context to relevant terms and clauses.

Bumi is trained to handle complex documents

Bumi’s built in “Human in the Loop” process ensures that it can work with 30+ different types of contracts without allowing mistakes to creep in

Our motto - Always Exceed Expectations!

Norman Osumi

Sr. Director at Norton LifeLock


HighIQ on AWS marketplace gives the best of both worlds. We will get to try and buy HighIQ’s ready to run Digital workers and enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing, and merged billing through AWS Marketplace as a part of our cloud spend. Clearly, digital workers and intelligent automation solutions have become critical to supplement the human workforce in the age of COVID. Using a proven solution such as HighIQ through a trusted source such as the AWS marketplace is a paradigm shift in the way we will try and buy solutions in the future.

Karen Burton

VP, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer at STERIS Corporation


HighIQ helped us achieve success with pilot automations proving that RPA technology can provide business value with task-related automation. More importantly, HighIQ showed us that our vision of increasing that business value proposition with full end-to-end process automation was not only possible but could be accelerated with its Digital Worker model.

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