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Recently Soroco and HighIQ announced their partnership to transform the power of work. With a shared vision to empower every employee to be their best at work, they are committed to helping global enterprises transform their processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, improve compliance, and advance innovation across the entire organization.


Soroco is on a mission to discover how the world works to help teams be their best. To do this they are evangelizing and commercializing a new technology category called #workgraph, which is a structured map of how teams get work done across teams, tasks, processes, applications and documents. Scout, Soroco’s work graph platform combines process mining and task mining to provide actionable insights about how to enhance the process by toil reduction, firstly from a process improvement or excellence perspective, followed by an automation perspective.


HighIQ is a leading provider of Digital Workforce as a Service (DWaaS), role-based, intelligent automation solutions that automate complex, cumbersome, manual processes. The company’s vision is to equip every human employee with their own IQWorker (or digital assistant) to help offload monotonous, repetitive tasks and spend more time on higher cognitive activities. This not only makes processes more efficient and employees more productive, it also fosters innovation and growth.

Soroco + HighIQ = Partners with a purpose

In their journey towards process excellence, business leaders are increasingly using process mining and task mining to gain insights into their organization’s processes to determine the most effective way to deploy intelligent automation and identify digital transformation opportunities.

  • Task mining helps by discovering and prioritizing the opportunities for automation and effectively creates the business case for automation, using on-ground live empirical data, which is often difficult for some clients to create on their own.
  • When customers embark on their automation journey, they begin by focusing on the “low hanging fruit” processes that are easily identified as candidates for automation. At some point they may hit a brick wall and run out of ideas as to which process is next. By utilizing task mining they can identify these harder to find processes and create a sustainable automation pipeline.
  • Soroco provides seamless integration with your existing process transformation investments such as UiPath, Blue prism, Automation Anywhere and Python, generating up to 80% of native automation code with one click. This allows for an accelerated path to realize change through automation.
  • Task mining improves the success rate of automation through visualizing and understanding the process contexts, thus recognizing how tasks are executed and the variations that exist across teams. When processes change, the automated tasks can adapt without losing relevance.

Combining Soroco and HighIQ enables organizations to efficiently accelerate automation initiatives and transform in a digital world.

Which sectors will benefit the most from hyperautomation? Undoubtedly, all sectors that are in the process of digital transformation can accelerate the effort and improve their business processes with hyperautomation, be it banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, or retail. If you haven’t considered hyperautomation in your 2021 business strategy yet, you’re already falling behind.

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