Instabase is one of most known RPA Platform for data process and process mining. For those who don’t know what RPA stands for, it is Robotic Process Automation. Over the years Instabase has carved a niche for itself bringing much needed advancement for processing unstructured data using intelligent automation leverage.

How Instabase works for Robotic Process Automation:

The working model of Instabase includes multiple phases to ultimately derive the best possible work model. It typically includes the understanding and learning phase, then comes the leveraging model and construction of work model phase and lastly, the scaling phase.

Understanding & Learning Phase of Instabase:

This phase of Instabase in order to prepare robotic process automation requires to scan all the documents of the current and future usage. What makes it even better is the concept of Deep learning that is utilized to identify,

  1. Time taken for each task.
  2. Rotation of hierarchy and chain of command.
  3. Alternative methods or shortcuts being used.

Construction Phase of Instabase:

Once the documents are scanned, and certain processes and tasks are noted by deep learning of Instabase, what is required is the blocks of work pattern. The blocks in terminology of Instabase is called as ‘Solution blocks’ but it is not immediately ready for execution.What RPA, the robotic process automation by Instabase does is to provide multiple combinations of solutions and ultimately figures out which is the best.

Managing & Scaling Phase of Instabase:

In this phase all the possible solution boxes are tested and the best ones are now finalized, the only task but the most daunting part of robotic process automation is to make it better every day. Hence the next phase and probably the never ending phase of the business is scaling up. In other words, finding ways to make the process better everyday using intelligent AI that Instabase has.

Industries Core of Instabase Serve:

Instabase as an automation software covers as many industries as possible but the notable names of the industries (or categories) of businesses are Real Estate, Finance, Legal & HR Firms.

Let’s understand each of the following in detail:

Process Automation for Real Estate Companies by Instabase:

As we all know real estate companies across the globe has the biggest task of noting each and every detail of the property document. There’s fair possibility that a human eye can leave something and could cause huge losses to the firm, which by the way often happens. One great example noted from this article, that says, a simple mistake of adding a zero caused the property price to fall from 1 million to 100k.

Hence the usage of Instabase for Robotic process automation is important for Real estate companies where the intelligent robots’ scans each and every document and helps understand technical aspects of the property details.

Process Automation for Finance Companies by Instabase:

The financial transactions requires 100% accuracy and the business process automation for finance by Instabase ensures that the clerical error is next to impossible. Its one of best aspect is Accounts Payable Automation that really makes the whole payroll process smoothest possible.

Imagine missing out paying an important vendor just because the email wasn’t forwarded on time or the check wasn’t written off due to absence of point of contact. For situations like these, the automation comes as a savior.

Process Automation for Legal Firms by Instabase:

Automation for legal firms is a risky affair. A slight flaw could literally cost everything to the firm. Close to 7 out of 10 legal firms agreed that there’s a whole line of staff who’s just to cross check the words written in a document. With legal business process automation, this all can be done with utmost ease.

Important FAQs Related to Instabase Process Automation:

What is Instabase used for?

Ans: Instabase is mainly used for Robotic process automation for complex business tasks.

Who uses Instabase in 2022?

Ans: Many of the top firms like MetLife, Paychex, Standard Chartered Bank etc. uses Instabase.

Is Instabase good for companies?

Yes, Instabase is regarded as one of the best RPA Softwares for Financial firms in 2022.

Does Instabase uses AI?

Ans: Instabase uses deep learning which is higher form of AI. The whole process discovery is done using deep learning technology.