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Make Robotic Process Automation a reality in your business with HighIQ – reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving compliance. Our unique combination of RPA innovation, ERP expertise and pre-built IQWorkers™ will accelerate success and mitigate risk on your automation journey.

Ensure RPA success with HighIQ

Do RPA the right way

We de-risk your automation journey with our unrivalled combination of RPA technology innovation and ERP business expertise.

Speed to RPA reality

Bridge the gap from RPA platform to real business solution in weeks, delivering swift measurable results and ROI with our pre-built IQWorkers™.

Next-gen RPA performance

Move beyond basic task-based bots to our smart role-based IQWorkers™, designed to perform end-to-end business processes.

Deliver the key benefits of RPA faster

Reduce costs

Save employee time and cost with automation, and achieve impressive savings over outsourcing options while keeping in-house control.

Increase productivity

Your digital IQWorkers™ operate tirelessly 24x7x365, enabling each to perform the duties of multiple human workers, quicker.

Improve compliance

Reduce human error and gain a full audit trail on business process activities with your IQWorkers™, simplifying compliance and managing risk.

IQWorkers™: The next generation of RPA digital worker

Organized and Auditable

Context awareness and activity trail

Consistently Accurate

Reduce human error in business process

Intelligent and Decisive

Rule based AI-driven rules engine and machine learning


Minimal human validation required

Some of Our Bench

Role-based IQWorkers™

  • Digital General Ledger Administrator
  • Digital Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Digital Treasury Administrator
  • Digital Supplier Onboarding Administrator
  • Digital Revenue Administrator
  • Digital Order Management Administrator
  • and more

Task-based Bots

  • Revenue – reports and billing
  • Finance Month-end – reconciliation reporting
  • IT Administration – task automation for Oracle, Salesforce, RevPro
  • HR Administration – reporting and onboarding
  • and more

Bridge the gap to RPA reality with HighIQ

Real-world RPA success

Our IQWorkers™ are already helping enterprise organizations reduce costs, increase productivity and improve compliance.

Your expert RPA team

We have over 100 RPA technology experts and experienced ERP consultants ready to make your business automation vision a reality.